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Traveling with Disabilities

In an effort to accommodate you and make your travel with us as pleasant as possible we have outlined issues that may affect you.

This overview is for your assistance and is not limited to any and all other applicable sources of law or guidelines that may be published in other sources.

Customers with Disabilities

It is the policy of Bueno Express Transportation to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide accessible service to all passengers and help make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Please advise Bueno Express at the time of booking, of any individual(s) with a disability that may require specific assistance. If for any reason notice is not provided, Bueno Express will nevertheless make a reasonable effort to provide such service, and we will be glad to help.

Bueno Express does not provide Wheelchair mobility service also we do not provide interline service, a trip completed partially by another bus company. All schedule service ends with the Bueno Express destination. Should you be traveling beyond that point, please make arrangements directly with whatever provider will handle your transportation from that point.

If you know ahead of time that your trip will include scheduled stops it is always helpful to let us know before the trip so that we can best accommodate your needs. 

Bueno Express trips vary 3 hour trips or longer, with scheduled rest stops, and if for any reason you request an unscheduled rest stop please let dispatch staff know.

Our staff is happy to assist you whenever possible if you are traveling alone. If you require special assistance of a personal nature you should consider traveling with a personal care attendant as our staff will not provide that level of assistance.


Oxygen containers are a fire and explosion hazard. Personal use containers (those carried with the person either on wheels or as baggage) while in active use, are  NOT allowed on the bus.. We will not carry  any oxygen containers for any reason due to Hazard.


Mobility aids for persons who require their use but are ambulatory, can load such apparatus in the baggage compartment of the bus, space providing. Such apparatus is not to be brought into the passenger area of the bus with  the exception being canes or walkers that can be folded and kept with the passenger.  ANY LIFTS OR WHEELCHAIRS  are not equipped for our type of transport and conditions outside the control of our operations.

Child Safety Seats

Passengers are welcome to use their own child safety seats onboard our equipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that such seats are approved for use onboard buses and that you bring any and all additional equipment that may be required to properly use such seats such as safety strapping and belts.Bueno Express does not provide strapping, belts or other child safety seat equipment. The use of such safety seats may require the purchase of a second ticket. Contact  Bueno Express  representative BEFORE traveling.

Your Rights

 Bueno Express Transportation is dedicated to your safe and enjoyable travels with us. We will attempt to accommodate any reasonable request to assist you. That ability will be dictated by the conditions and situations that are presented at that time.

If you feel you have not be treated in a professional manner you may contact Bueno Express at: 315-797-1010.

If you feel your rights under the ADA were violated, please contact Bueno Express: 315-797-1010.

Please provide as much information as possible such as your travel date, bus number, driver name, charter number or any other information that can help us identify your particular itinerary.

Contact: If you have any questions regarding these polices, you are welcome to contact us prior to traveling.

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