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  • What services does Bueno Express Transport provide?
    Bueno Express provides transportation services to and from Upstate, New York City, Fort Lee, Route 4 New Jersey, and Newburgh areas. We also provide Same- day or next day delivery services to locations mentioned above.
  • How do I Schedule or Book a Trip?
    There are 3 different options to schedule a trip with A Bueno express you can Download our App in Apple app Store or Google Play Store under "Bueno Express Transportation" or the following link or you can visit or contact us by calling us at 315-797-1010
  • Which Payment Methods do you accept?
    We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit/Credit Cards. Unfortunately we do not accept cash as a form of payment.
  • How much Does the trip cost
    All rates and fees depend on destination and pick up location. -Children 1 year and Under pay $40 - Adults traveling to and from Newburgh,NY Fort Lee, Route 4 New Jersey and 4040 Broadway w 170th McDonalds $55 -Adults traveling to any other location not mentioned above including Door to Door $65
  • How long does it take to reach my destination?
    Travel times varies depending on final arrival city, the estimated travel time is between 3-4 Hours including stops in between.
  • What locations do you travel to ?
    We travel to Upstate and Surrounding areas, Fort Lee, Route 4 New Jersey , Manhattan New York and Newburgh Please view our locations link to view specific details and pricing
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule ?
    A trip can be scheduled as far in advance as you wish. Please contact Bueno Express Transportation at 315-797-1010 incase you schedule same-day or under 24 Hours prior to travel date to notify the dispatch team.
  • Will you wait for me to arrive to my Pick-up Location ?
    Due to the nature of our Transportation and confirmation notices, we advise all passengers to be at the designated pick-up time at the time given during booking , Bueno Express Transportation is not responsible if customer is not at the pickup location at the time assigned. If a customer is not at their designated pick-up time when reserved with our transport company, they may be charged a late/cancellation fee. The driver may also choose to cancel the reservation if they are more than 10 minutes late.
  • is there a cancellation fee ?
    Yes, we do charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your booking under 8 hours of the scheduled pickup time the charge is half of booking fare total.
  • If i decide to cancel my Reservation can I receive a refund?
    If you cancel your reservation 24 Hours prior to Travel date you are eligible for a full refund. If trip is cancelled Same- Day of travel date you will receive 50% Partial refund.

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